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10 Best Organizers for Produce

The farm stands and berry patches are open! Here are some great ways to organize those fresh fruits and veggies for the season.

Summer means farm stands are open, Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) programs are underway, and folks are getting their hands dirty in backyard gardens. Fresh fruits and vegetables abound!

For 5+ years now my family has bought a share in one of our local farm's CSA programs. Every Thursday after work I get to go and pick up a big bag of yummy goodness. Everything from kale to kohlrabi and strawberries to string beans we've enjoyed. And the farm includes things likes eggs and jars of their award-winning jellies and jams. For those who are local the farm is Killam and Bassette Farmstead if you want to check them out. They have two road-side stands too.

As this month is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, I decided to do a round-up of great products to organize your produce after picking time!

1. Here's a simple countertop fruit basket with two tiers that comes in 4 different finishes.

2. These reusable, washable, mesh bags can help you cart your goodies home and can act as storage. I love that they come in three sizes.

3. These steel wire stackable baskets have open fronts for easy access for snack attacks.

4. Short on counter space? These hanging wire spheres have a rustic chic look to them.

5. If you're looking for fridge storage, check out these transparent organizers with handles and lids.

6. Looking for something a little classier? This apothecary jar idea scores points for creativity!

7. From classy to utilitarian - how 'bout using magazine holders to store some of those veggies?

8. In keeping with the practical, utilitarian theme, clear, plastic shoe holders would work too!

9. If you've got a bigger kitchen with floor space, you can consider freeing up your counters and going with a free-standing option. This 3-tier metal basket could hold a bushel (and a peck!).

10. Lastly, I had to include a good ol' basket option? But this is a fun hanging one that reminds me of an egg chair!

What do you enjoy snacking on from the farm stand?

I'm looking forward to fresh, juicy tomatoes so I can make me some tomato sandwiches on thick, white bread slathered in mayo!

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