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10 Cheap Garage Storage Ideas

A round-up of great, low-cost organizing ideas for your garage.

Now that the warm weather is here we have our sights set on organizing the outdoor spaces like our garages, sheds, and basements. I've rounded up 10 simple, low-cost ideas that you can implement in any of your utility spaces. I'm not a handy person but even I think I can handle some of these!

1. Concrete Forming Tubes

These can be purchased at home improvement stores. Use them to store long-handled tools and sporting equipment.

Image: Family Handyman

2. Double-Duty Shelf Brackets

These are the brackets you'd use in your closet to hold the clothes rod, but look how well they work in a garage holding up a shelf and lawn tools!

Image: Family Handyman

3. Fence Lattice

Plastic lattice is great for storing pieces of scrap wood, pipes, or even fishing rods.

Image: Hative

4. Pool Noodles

This is one of those 'Why didn't I think of that?' ideas. Mount pool noodles to the wall to hold your fishing poles in place. Bonus, they can also help act as a bumper so you don't bang your car door into the wall!

Image: LandeeLu

5. PVC Pipes

There's a whole host of uses for PVC pipes. Here you can see it used for caulk guns and tubes.

Image: Next Luxury

6. Clear Shoeboxes

Where can't see-through shoe boxes be used?! There are so many bits and bobs and miscellaneous items in a garage, it's great to have sturdy, transparent storage to keep it all organized.

Image: Sunlit Spaces

7. Plastic Buckets

Mount a plastic bucket to the wall to keep your hose corraled and use the bucket to store everything from your sprayer nozzle, gardening gloves, or sprinkler head.

Image: Sunlit Spaces

8. Wood pallet

Does part of your garage also serve as a mudroom into your house? Use a wooden pallet for shoes!

Image: HomeTalk

9. Rain Gutter

I love this idea of a rain gutter shelf. Here it's being used for spray paint, but it could also hold cans of lubricant, weed killer, or the bug spray and sunscreen.

Image: Flickr

10. Paper Towel Holder

We can always use to have a garbage bag at the ready. Use a sturdy paper towel bar to hold your roll of Hefty's!

Image: Listotic

Are you tackling any of your utility spaces this summer?

Let me know in the comments!

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