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10 Tips to Completely Organize Your Linen Closet

Don't accept your linen closet clutter, instead, try some of these tips to make the task easier.

As spring cleaning is on the horizon, I thought it might be a good idea to set your sights on your linen closet. I think besides the pantry, this is one of the hardest-working areas in the home and deserves some attention. Read on for some simple suggestions to spruce up this space.

1. Use a mix of containers to suit your needs.

Woven baskets, glass jars, and metal bins organize the items in this closet. It's nice to have a mix of see-through and closed storage.

Image: Bless'er House

2. Create zones for different categories of items.

Here you'll notice the top section is for blankets, the middle area is for toiletries and medicine, and the bottom is for sheets and bathroom supplies.

Image: i heart organizing

3. Label, label, label.

These white labels really pop against the black tags. Labels make it easier to find things and with them, there's a hope that your family members or roommates will put things back in the right spots!

Image: Our Perfecting Manor

4. Don't waste the vertical space behind the door.

Install rods to hang towels for guests or use them to display a pretty quilt.

Image: Natalie Wright

5. Add some unexpected items.

A faux plant, a ceramic bird, and a crystal lamp gussy up the top shelf of this linen closet adding some warmth and charm.

Image: Beneath My Heart

6. Store sheet sets in pillowcases.

A great way to keep your sheet sets together and to give a uniform appearance to your closet is to store each sheet set in its pillowcase. Note on the right how they look like cute, blue grain sacks sitting on the shelf.

Image: Four Generations One Roof

7. Have a consistent color scheme.

This is more personal preference, but when a space has consistent hues throughout it's more pleasing to the eye and gives a tidy appearance overall. The brown and white tones in this closet are soothing.

Image: Sincerely, Marie Designs

8. Maximize shelf space.

Clear bins with easy-grab handles, stackable shoe boxes, and a tall basket make the most of these shelves. Using containers to maximize on efficiency is key to well-functioning space.

Image: i heart organizing

9. Roll your towels.

Instead of folding, use the roll technique on your towels to maximize space. Everything from hand and bath towels to washcloths can be rolled up to save shelf room.

Image: Good Housekeeping

10. Keep it dry and free of moisture.

A closet dehumidifier will keep musty odors at bay so your linens can stay smelling clean.

Image: Amazon

No matter how large or small your linen storage is, using some of these tips should cut down on the closet clutter and maybe even give you a space you'll want to show off to guests!

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