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12 Stocking Stuffers to Get You Organized

Here's a round-up of a dozen gifts aimed at getting you and your loved ones more organized this holiday season.

I realize it's October, but given we're still living through the Covid era that means delays, slow delivery times, and low stock. So I'm bringing my gift list to you early this year to help you plan. My focus for 2021 is on stocking stuffers but for other ideas, you can see my past gift posts HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.


Carrying Case Charger

This charger carrying case can hold dongles, flash disks, earphones, power adapters, and cables. It comes in a variety of colors and has hundreds of 4+ star reviews.


Reusable Silicone Bags

These fun bags by Stasher are perfect for food or grab-and-go essentials like your phone, glasses, and hand sanitizer. They're dishwasher safe and come in various sizes from snack to sandwich to half-gallon.


Command Crystal Knob

Look at Command getting all fancy with their crystal knobs! It certainly elevates their simple hooks. These are great to dress up your closet, entryway, or bathroom.


Cabinet Door Pan Lid Holders

These come in a set of 4 and are perfect for mounting on cabinet doors or deep drawers to keep your pot lids from rattling around.


Jewelry Cleaner Pen

I realize this is more of a cleaner than an organizer, but it may help you keep your baubles tidier if they're shinier. And I love space-saving products that can be stored smartly - like in your jewelry box!


Magnet Wrist Band for Tools and Hardware

Perfect for holding screws, nails, washers, and drill bits when you're tackling a home improvement project. These bands are adjustable and have a breathable mesh inner layer.


Outlet Plug Shelf

This is a great solution for holding phones, toothbrushes, razors, and speakers. Use them anywhere around the home to free up counter space.


Herb Savor Pods

Having fresh herbs and seasonings in the winter is the best and these pods can help you do that. They prolong the life of your herbs for up to 3-weeks and they're such a space saver in your fridge.


Erasable Pens

These erasable gel pens allow you to erase mistakes. No more cross-outs or drippy correction fluid!


Single-Use Superglue

Yes, you read that right - single-use! No more dried-out half tubes of adhesive glue cluttering up your junk drawers and utility closets.


Hand Sanitizer Bracelet

Stay sanitized anywhere with this refillable hand sanitizer bracelet. It's practical yet looks classy and it comes in 4 colors. Perfect for the kids to wear at school or when you're out running errands.


Fidget toy

Stressed out by your mess or easily distracted when you try to organize? Use one of these pop-it toys to help you decompress. They're dishwasher safe and you can find them in an array of colors and shapes. I even hear they make for a good beverage coaster!

Which stocking stuffer(s) will you be buying for yourself or a loved one this holiday?

Wishing you a season filled with love and light!

Stocking image by Ludo_Vde from Pixabay

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