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13 List To Make When You Feel Disorganized

Take control of your disorganization with lists!

We all have those days when we're feeling less than stellar and not on our A-game. I often suggest to clients that when they're feeling overwhelmed and disorganized to get everything out of their head. Essentially, do a brain dump! Everyone knows what happens when we take mental notes, right?!

Here are 13 lists to make that can help you get back on track:

1. Your priorities for the day/week/month/year.

Reminding yourself of the big picture always keeps things in perspective.

2. A meal plan for the week.

Because being "hangry" is never a good thing!

3. Bills to pay with amounts and due dates.

Knowing where your money is and where's it's going helps you feel better on top of things.

4. Things you're thankful for.

It's always good to take stock of your blessings - where focus goes, energy flows!

5. This week's appointments and errands.

Knowing where you need to be on any given day helps you shape your schedule and better prioritize.

6. A home project or repair list.

You know those home projects you keep putting off? Well, take a step towards doing something about them.

7. The valuable people in your tribe.

Remembering the supportive people in your life who you can rely on can be so comforting.

8. Things you love about yourself.

A little self-love never hurts!

9. Your grocery list.

Quit forgetting items or buying things you already have.

10. Areas in your house to declutter.

At least having a roadmap of the different spaces will make the task seem less overwhelming because writing 'whole house' just isn't helpful.

11. Your favorite quotes or sayings.

Remind yourself of those inspirational words and mantras to keep you on track and moving forward.

12. Spaces in your home that are organized.

Why not write the areas down that you're having success with? It reminds you that you can do it.

13. Your favorite childhood memories.

To remind you of a time less complicated and that there's nothing wrong with getting back to a more simple life.

Which list will you start working on?

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