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13 Ways to Get Motivated to Organize

I frequently get asked by clients how to get motivated to start an organizing project. Now that people are home self-isolating, some people are being bitten by the organizational bug and some aren't... yet. If you want to start to tackle some areas in your home, but haven't gotten your mojo in gear, here are 12 things I suggest:

1. Schedule it

I know it sounds simple, but if you don't put it on the schedule it's not going to get done. Now that we have some more time on our hands in our own homes set aside some time each day/week even if just 20mins to start chipping away at that long overdue task.

2. Start small

Hit up your purse, tackle the junk drawer, or clear one shelf of the bookcase. Often times when we take that first small step it motivates us to keep going.

3. Turn on the tunes

Music has the power to motivate. So cue up your favorite playlist and set to work. Up-tempo music will keep you moving and shaking.

4. Set the bar low

There I said it. When you have lofty goals to make your space look Pinterest-worthy it actually sets you up to fail before you even start as that vision is often un-attainable. Keep your expectations in check or even lower them. Some organization is better than no organization.

5. Set a timer

It's been said that the best organizing tool is a timer. If you're someone who's competitive this might work well for you. Challenge yourself to see how much you can get done in 10mins.

6. Try a new product

I don't know about you but having something new (ice cream flavor, cosmetic item, office supply) puts a spring in my step. Purchase a fun new organizing product (that you know you'll use!) to get your organizing mojo on.

7. Take photos

Sometimes it's hard to see progress unless you can step back and take a bird's eye view. I always recommend good old before & after pictures to mark how much you've accomplished.

8. Get others involved

Do you have a friend that loves to organize, alphabetize, and color-code? Call this person over as an accountability buddy. Or work to get your whole family involved by assigning tasks. The saying goes, many hands make light work.

9. Reward yourself

I don't know about you, but I'm more motivated by a carrot than a stick. It's like Grandma's rule: eat your broccoli, then you get dessert. Have a fun goodie ready to indulge in when your project is done - chocolate bar, smoothie, favorite Netflix show, nap - you get the idea.

10. Check on self-care

There's no way to feel motivated unless you feel your best. Have you eaten, slept, taken your meds, and hydrated today? Make sure your tank is on full before you dive into any organizing project or you'll quickly run out of steam.

11. Invite company over

I think this is a huge motivator for people to get their spaces in order. You never tidy so quickly as in the last 10-minutes before that doorbell is set to ring! Am I right?!

12. Look at the bigger picture

This equates to finding your why. Why is it that you want to be organized? Is it so that you can get back into a hobby, have people over, exercise, work from home? Keep your overarching goal in mind.

13. Create routine

Some might say that motivation waxes and wanes, but that a routine is constant. I'd tend to agree. The more that you can put concrete systems and routines in place, the more that they'll become a part of your daily activities and organizing will be an auto-pilot feature for you.

What's your go-to technique for motivating yourself? Have you tackled any projects since you've been housebound? Please share in the comments!

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