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5 Examples of a Handy Face Mask Station for Your Family

Do you have a system for corraling your family's face masks? Here are 5 suggestions to set up your own mask station.

Masks have been a part of our new normal now for a few months. And even more so now that the kids are back to school. But do you have a way to manage and store those face coverings? Here is some mask station inspiration to get you started.

1. I love this wall-mounted organizer with slots for dirty masks, hooks for clean ones, and a spot for the hand sanitizer.

Image: Practical Perfection

2. I like this simple wood plaque with hooks and an inspirational reminder.

Image: Crafty Casie Design

3. Or how about this one that has a cheeky reminder (with visuals!) to wear your mask. This one also has personalized hooks so you don't get confused as to whose mask is whose.

Image: Elliefont Styles

4. This station is cute as it's got the hooks for hanging, but also has these colorful baskets to place the dirty masks that need to be laundered.

Image: Keeping It Simple

5. Or here's another way to corral those used masks - pop into a mesh laundry bag. That way you can just throw the whole sack into the wash. I also like the acrylic tray that houses the clean face coverings and hand sanitizer.

Image: Small Stuff Emily

I love an organized system for All. The. Things. and our face masks should be no exception! Are there any ideas from these images that you'll be employing in your own home?

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