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5 Ideas Fall Resolutions

They say September is the new January. So, let's capitalize on this time to revisit some of the goals we set at the beginning of the year or reignite ourselves to make new ones.

Since we were little we've been trained to have a back-to-school/back-to-the-grind mindset in September. It's like a little kickstart after those lazy summer days. There seems to be a built-in momentum in the fall as the end of the year looms.

September seems perfectly suited to revisit or create some goals. Unlike January where there seems to be pressure to craft resolutions and get caught up in the lose weight, clean out our closets, pay down our debt rush, September is more low pressure. This article from NBCNews even backs up that claim.

Some suggestions for goals to start this time of year are as follows:

1- Firm up your boundaries.

As you come off the summer season, if you noticed you that you had a better work/home balance and felt more in control given the slower pace, see what you can do to keep that theme going. Revisit your time management habits and see if you can't get more white space into your calendar.

2- Get organized.

No surprise there, right?! The change of season is a great time to clear out closets and give the house some breathing room. Try your hand at meal planning or even test out a meal delivery service if the dinner hour has been a source of mayhem for you. Dare I say it, consider planning your holiday gift list now. With a plan in place and some gifts purchased it'll put you in a much calmer frame of mind come December.

3- Start or change your exercise routine.

I think we all know that moving our bodies can help shake out the mental clutter that we carry around. With a month to go before the holiday season (let's be honest we all know the holidays start at Halloween) if we get into a routine now, it'll be easier to stick to. Fall is also a great time to be outside; it's not as HOT! So try getting in those steps outdoors or taking a yoga class in the open air. I know some gyms are starting to open back up and let's be honest, they won't be nearly as crowded as they are in January!

4- Embark on a savings challenge.

If summer spending got a little out of control or you went overboard on the Amazon orders during the quarantine, now's a good time to take a look at your finances. There are tons of great apps to help you with budgeting or signing up with a mobile bank can help with keeping track of spending and saving. Maybe you want to employ a no-spend period of time (No Spendtember anyone?!) and cut out all but the necessities to build back up your bank account before the holidays hit.

5- Make time for self-improvement.

As the kids are heading back to school, you might feel the twinges of wanting to learn something new yourself. Take out a self-help book from the library, enroll in a free on-line course (Coursera has some good ones), try out a new app to help with productivity and time management, sign up for a class through your local Adult Education department or even just watch some educational YouTube videos on a skill you've always wanted to learn (juggling? slacklining?). Also, did you know that more people change their hairstyle in September?

Here's to turning over a new leaf in September. What goals are you revisiting or embarking on this fall season? Drop me a comment; I'd love to hear!

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