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5 Reasons To Create a Vision Board

A guest blogger and life coach talks about the benefits of creating a vision board.

This week's post is by Lucinda Testo, a Professional Counselor and Life Coach. Here she talks about the benefits of creating a personalized vision board.

Being organized is not just about your "possessions." Being organized is important for your hopes, dreams, and goals too! Have you ever had an idea of something you'd like to have or to accomplish, but quickly forgot about it with so much mental clutter clogging your head space? It's time to get organized!

Creating a vision board has countless benefits, five of which I'll share with you today:

1. Clarity

Do you know what you want out of your life? Have you ever sat down and really thought about it? Now's your time. Create a space to think about or meditate on what it is you really want out of life. It doesn't have to be material things like a vacation home or sports car. What inspires you? What motivates you? What kind of career do you want to have? What traits are you looking for in a partner? How do you want to feel? What do you want to accomplish? Once you've honed your vision, it's time to find images, quotes, pictures and other objects that represent these things to put on your board. These can come from magazines, books, sketch pads, the internet or even your own personal drawings and favorite sayings.

2. Organization

A vision board provides a place to organize all of your hopes and dreams. Lay out your images in a way that is visually appealing to you. Do you like your images to overlap one another? Do you like to leave space on your board so that you can add new images later? There is no right or wrong way to organize the images on your vision board. It is whatever looks and feels good to you. The board, in essence, can be a piece of paper, posterboard, screen saver on your computer, Pinterest board or other visual representation of what you want to manifest out of your life.

3. Focus

As the world famous motivational speaker, Tony Robbins once said; " Where focus goes, energy flows." Once you are crystal clear about what you want out of your life and you have the images, quotes, and pictures to capture your thoughts, begin to focus on them. Place your vision board in a place where you can see and reflect on it daily. Create energy around the things you want in your life. The healthy energy directed towards this physical symbol of your hopes and dreams will create positive vibrations which will flow into all areas of your functioning. 

4. Intention

What steps are you taking to accomplish your hopes, dreams, and goals? Are you just thinking about them, or are you starting to make a conscious action towards them? While visualization and focus are important, your intention is the action behind them. Each day focus on one small step you could take towards reaching your vision and act on it. Remember, small steps add up to big results.

5. Results

Sit back and be amazed! No, really... be amazed. I have been creating vision boards for the last several years. I am in a relationship with an amazing man, I bought my first home last year and I recently left my corporate job of nine years to pursue my dream of owning a psychotherapy and life coaching practice. But, you don't have to take my word for it! Create your own one-of-a-kind vision board today and get going on creating the future of your dreams!

Lucinda Testo, MS, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Connecticut. She is the owner of Unlimited You, LLC a private practice focused on psychotherapy and life coaching services. The mission of Unlimited You is to help you rediscover who you are and what your passions, dreams, and desires are. 

Unlimited You offers wellness workshops including one on vision boards, writing your narrative and crafting gratitude letters.

Check out Unlimited You's other offerings or connect with Lucinda by clicking HERE.

A big thank you to Lucinda for guest blogging this week! She is an insightful, uplifting and inspirational clinician. Let her take you from transition to transformation!

Have you ever created a vision board? Let us know in the comments

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