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5 Ways to Organize Using Trays

Trays are such a versatile tool to use when organizing.

Trays are one of the most versatile organizing tools you can use around your house. They're portable, can be placed on any horizontal surface and can hold just about anything. I use quite a few around my own home.

As many of you know from reading these past posts here and here, my husband is a handy guy and loves to use his carpentry skills. 11 years ago when we got married, he built a number of wooden trays to hold our wedding favors. We had a Boston-themed wedding and gave out small bags of those Boston baked beans candies to all our guests and his trays were the perfect way to display them and incorporate his talents into our big day.

Since then I've taken to finding multiple uses for these trays around our home:

1. I use one in the kitchen to group countertop items. Here you'll see my utensil crock, napkin holder and salt and pepper shakers nest nicely inside. It's easy to just lift up the tray when I want to clean rather than the individual pieces.

2. Here I've created a decorative vignette in my living room. It gives my coffee table some visual interest and I love all the different colored wood tones that help warm the space.

3. We've done quite a few home improvements to date (and still going!) and have the pictures to prove it. I've grouped our renovation projects into separate photo albums by room and keep them handy in another tray as our family and friends love pulling them out and looking at the before and after shots.

4. In our family room, we opted to go with cushy ottomans instead of coffee tables. Here the tray serves as a spot for remote controls and coffee mugs.

5. We have a beautiful built-in hutch in our dining room that my husband crafted. Inside one of the drawers, I keep my placemats and napkins. Here, I've used a tray to corral the napkins bundled by set, with a tag indicating how many of each so I know which ones to grab depending on the size dinner party we're hosting.

I hope you've enjoyed these "tray-tastic" ideas!

Which one was your favorite?

Let me know if you use trays around your home!

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