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6 Facebook Groups to Support Individuals with Hoarding Disorder

A round-up of Facebook resources for those struggling with hoarding behaviors.

Facebook can definitely be a major time suck and it can also make you feel down when you see all the cool things your family and friends are doing. Yet, Facebook can also be a valuable tool for bringing like-minded folks together and offering support. 

I have rounded up 6 Facebook groups that I think are great resources for connecting individuals struggling with hoarding disorder as well as obsessive-compulsive disorder given many folks with compulsive hoarding can struggle with OCD. I love that online support can be available 24hrs a day and hearing others' stories can be so normalizing and validating for people who feel isolated, depressed and overwhelmed by their stuff.

1. Hoarding / Cluttering Support Group

The group description reads as follows: What we're trying to do here in this group is to provide tools, education and information - in addition to support - for everyone impacted by Hoarding - and that includes loved ones, social workers, therapists, organizers and clean-up crews!!

2. Hoarding & Clutter Warriors Intl.

The group is described as: We are here for the people who are Hoarders or have Clutter issues or somewhere in between. It is for people who suffer withchronic illnesses. We help inspire each other to reach small goals one step at a time. It is meant for the person with the problem and NOT for friends/family or other people wanting to try to help someone else.

3. The Clutter Movement Family Support

The description is as follows: Support group for families of those struggling with issues of hoarding or excessive clutter. We are a dedicated community working together to better understand and better support those affected by the results of hoarding behavior.

4. Goodbye Clutter Support Group

The description reads: This support group is for those who wish to say goodbye to their clutter for good...whether it's physical, paper, digital, or emotional!

5. Hoarding & Squalor Support and Assistance Group Australia

No matter the country, the struggle is the same and this group aims to: members of the public suffering from Hoarding Disorder & Squalor to be able to receive assistance, support within the community. This community is not just for the person/s directly affected with Hoarding Disorder, but those also indirectly (family, friends, neighbors etc).

6. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Sufferers, Friendship & Support Group

This group description reads: This group has been set up by an OCD sufferer for fellow OCD sufferers. The group allows users to chat about living with OCD, experiences, helpful hints for dealing with OCD and other OCD related matters.

I hope these 6 groups can help you change your Facebook experience and get you connected with individuals and resources who understand what you're going through.

Do you have any groups you'd add to the list?

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