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6 Types of Rest We Need More Of

Do you get enough rest and relaxation? Here are 6 types of rest you probably don't get enough of.

The other week I posted these two images on my Facebook page.

This one I posted for Mental Health Monday:

And this one I posted for Wednesday Wisdom:

Wouldn't you know that both of these posts reached over 500 people, had 40 engagements and were shared close to a dozen times? This certainly sent me a message that the power of stepping back and recharging is so important!

Here is a compilation of 6 types of rest we need more of in our lives:

1. Periods of unhelpfulness

There are some days that we need to be okay with not helping anyone else but ourselves. And for those parents and caretakers out there who just finished up 12-weeks of homeschool, I'm talking to you!

2. Connection with nature

We need more green breaks in our lives. Travel and shopping are restricted at this point given the pandemic, but green space is free! Are you tapping into nature at least once a day? Studies have shown being in nature can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

3. Stillness to decompress

The world is heavy right now. I read a headline on the news the other day that stated the "darkest winter in modern history" to come. If we don't take time to decompress from it all, our mental health will surely suffer. Decompressing can include meditating, exercising, spending time with a pet, deep breathing, taking a social media break, and listening to music.

4. Time for art appreciation

Sometimes just looking at something that's aesthetically pleasing can be a welcome break. This is a great infographic on the surprising benefits of appreciating art which includes lower stress levels and relief from mental exhaustion. Many museums right now have virtual tours you can take for free. My son's art teacher had students take part in the Getty Museum Challenge. How'd we do?

5. Solitude to replenish

As an empath, I realized early on that I need solitude to recharge. Being in the helping profession I take on other people's emotions and feeling states readily, but I have to make sure I'm making room for my own. And with weeks on end of being on top of one another on home quarantine, carving out a corner for alone time is much needed.

6. Time to be unproductive

For some people, the stress of the world right now is too great and just getting through the bare minimum each day is enough. People's moods are somber, some might be grieving, and many are just plain overwhelmed. If you're not seizing the moment, you're okay. Being unproductive is where it's at right now. Embrace it.

With summer approaching, here's to a new, rest-filled season.

What type of rest will you make sure you try to get more of?

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