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7 Organizing-Related Podcasts That You Need to Be Listening To

Podcasts are a great tool to get you motivated to organize!

With the summer months upon us, organizing is often the last thing on our minds. I get it! But there's still a way to digest some organizing material while doing some of your fun seasonal activities. Think PODCASTS!

Often times we're outside doing yard work, supervising the kids by the pool, taking a walk, sitting on the beach, shopping at the farmer's market, or traveling in the car to our vacation destination. The beauty of podcasts is that while you're doing all those things, you can be listening to some organizing information and gleaning some nuggets for the next rainy day you're stuck indoors.

Here are 7 I would recommend:

Organize 365 the podcast

The description reads: This podcast is for women who are striving to get their home and home based business organized so they can spend more time with their family and doing things they love.

The Super Organizer Show

This podcast helps you: find the path to success through organization of mind, body, spirit, home, car, or office. It's a fun, lively, informative show featuring industry professionals and clients that join in the conversation.

The Minimalist Podcast

This show discusses: living a meaningful life with less. It's often the #1 Health podcast on iTunes.

Young House Love Has A Podcast

This podcast is all about: having deep and not so deep conversations about DIY, design, and life at home. There's always a fun quiz and detailed show notes about products they're digging.

The Slow Home Podcast

This podcast is all about simplicity and living life at a slower pace. Their approach is: slowing down, opting out, saying no.

The Heart of Organizing: A Podcast

This podcast is a heart-centered look at getting organized. The show's intention is: to inspire you to get in touch with, and to empower you to act on what is most important in your life.

The O-Myth Podcast

This is a lively podcast with two women who: debate and debunk life's organizing myths.

Lastly, for those folks who are visual rather than auditory learners, I suggest:

Alejandra TV Home Organizing Videos

This is a free video series that gives you organizing tips, motivation, and effective organizing solutions. Alejandra is known as the most organized woman in America and has appeared on HGTV, CBS and been featured in many prominent home magazines.

See, even when you're on the go this summer you can still sharpen those organizing skills!

Have you tried podcasts? What are your thoughts on them?

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