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Evaluating my 2019 Focus Word

My 2019 review using my selected focus word.

If you remember the focus word I chose to guide me in 2019 was "Shed." You can read my original post on it HERE.

I chose the word as I wanted to feel lighter throughout the year by shedding things that no longer served me. So how'd I do?

Here goes:

  • I shed some of my social media pressure. I dropped my Facebook posting down to 3 days a week from daily. I now post for Mental Health Monday, Wednesday Wisdom and Friday Funny. I also cut down on my blogging from weekly to twice a month.

  • I shed my involvement in some online Facebook groups, only minimally checking their threads when I have time as opposed to daily or weekly.

  • I passed along my position of chairperson of my church's altar care committee to a lovely woman who was once a parishioner, moved away for a time, but has now returned and wants to reignite her involvement in the religious community. Yay!

  • I stopped attending a weekly meet-up with some fellow moms. I sat and listened to my gut and realized they just weren't 'my people.' You know it when you find your tribe and they weren't it.

  • I literally shed a ton of items from our home. In the late winter/early spring I re-evaluated how our home was working for us and realized it needed more blank space. So I got rid of lamps, accent chairs, end tables, etc. I typically do a monthly run to Goodwill with little stuff no longer being used or loved, but tackling small furniture pieces and accessories was taking it to the next level for me.

  • I shed a lot of my holiday decorations. I'm one who likes to decorate for all seasons/holidays and would put little touches of this and that around my home. Well, I scaled back in a big way this year and it felt just as festive.

  • I stopped taking on new clients for a time. An immediate family member spent a month in the hospital and has been struggling. I realized I just didn't have the bandwidth to take on anything new so I didn't.

  • I shed the notion that I'm not the handiest of people. I'm still not calling myself a DIY-er but I did manage to do a pretty good job painting two pieces of furniture in our guest room. It was my first time ever tackling a furniture paint job.

  • I shed the challenge of meal planning. I devised a new meal planning system which has put things on auto-pilot for me. Each day of the week is assigned a dish, ie: Meatless Mondays, Fish Fridays, Soup-er Saturdays. It even makes grocery shopping that much easier.

  • This was a tough one but I worked to shed some mom guilt this year. I won't go into too much detail, but my son has special needs and I had to realize that I'm doing what's best for him and his challenges. I am not perfect, but I am the best mom I can be for the kind of parent he needs.

How did you do on your goals/focus for 2019? I'd love to hear in the comments.

Stay tuned for next month when I share my focus word for 2020!

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