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Get In the Game of Organizing

Some helpful tips for switching to a winning mindset when it comes to organizing.

Have you ever noticed that some people spend more time reading up on their latest celebrity crush or rooting for their favorite sports team more than they do focusing on their own life? I can't help but notice this as we head into Super Bowl weekend.

I'm all for having an escape from reality and enjoying healthy competition but there comes a point when one needs to get in the game of their own disorganized life and cheer for themselves. The madness belongs on the field, not in your life. Kick-off is now!

It would be great if folks could make the switch from...

  • Reading Us Weekly magazine to reading an issue of Getting Organized

  • Watching Access Hollywood to watching HGTV

  • Catching up on the love triangles of The Bachelor to catching up on a good book that makes you fall in love with your home

  • Pinning things on Pinterest to actually following through on a pinned project

  • Listening to the latest celebrity gossip on the radio to listening to a helpful podcast

  • Stalking your favorite star on Twitter to subscribing to an informative blog

  • Planning your next Netflix binge to planning your weekly menu

  • Complaining about the state of your home to talking about the goals you want to achieve in an organized space

I have no doubt that making these positive shifts in thoughts will pull you from the sidelines and move you to take action. Look at the balance between the time you spend watching other people live their dreams and the time you spend making yours a reality. Get off the bench.

Your home is your playing field. This thing called life is your tournament. Ready, set, organize!

What one thing will you do today to score you a point towards your organizing efforts?

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