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GO Month - "B" Donations

Let's celebrate Get Organized (GO) Month by donating items A-Z!

To celebrate Get Organized (GO) Month I'm going to do a series of posts on items ranging from A-Z. For each letter, I'll provide a list of potential resources for what to do with your belongings if you're ready to donate or sell them.

We're on to letter B.

B is for BOOKS

Here are some resources to send your unloved and unwanted books:

Operation Paperback

Books for Africa

And here are some local resources in CT to donate to:

Onyx Book Recycling

New Haven Reads

Read To Grow

Don't forget most local libraries have sales or book drives that you can donate to.

And if you are interested in getting any vintage or rare book appraised or sold, please check out these sites:





Please comment below with other resources that you're aware of or have used before.

Happy GO Month!

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