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GO Month - "H" Donations

Let's celebrate Get Organized (GO) Month by donating items A-Z!

To celebrate Get Organized (GO) Month I'm doing a series of posts on items ranging from A-Z. For each letter, I'll provide a list of potential resources for what to do with your belongings if you're ready to donate or sell them.

We're up to letter H.

H is for HAIR

Yes, people do donate their hair! This is a great way to go minimal with your locks which will, in turn, save you time (less washing and styling) and save you money (fewer products).

Here are some places you can donate your hair to:

Wigs For Kids

Locks of Love

Hair We Share

Pink Heart Funds

Matter of Trust

Childhood Leukemia Foundation

Children with Hair Loss

Please comment below with other resources that you're aware of or have used before.

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