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GO Month - "M" Donations

Let's celebrate Get Organized (GO) Month by donating items A-Z!

To celebrate Get Organized (GO) Month I'm doing a series of posts on items ranging from A-Z. For each letter, I'll provide a list of potential resources for what to do with your belongings if you're ready to donate or sell them.

We're more than halfway there at letter M.


The Dreaming Zebra takes your band instruments as well as keyboards, drumsets, and guitars off your hands for use with underprivileged youth. They'll even take instruments in need of gentle repairs.

In terms of CT sources, please see the following:

An in-state resource is Horns 4 Kids. They are a nonprofit organization that supports deserving school music programs throughout Connecticut.

Another local resource is Keys Music out of Bridgeport. Their mission is to bring free one-to-one instrument lessons and group music instruction to underserved inner-city youth in the area.

If you're interested in selling your instrument, Sell Your Musical Instruments is a New England-based musical instrument appraisal company and has a site in East Hartford or they can come to you.

As my parents own a music store in Portland, CT, they'd be the first to say to check with your local music shop to see if your instrument could be traded in or sold to help in supporting local establishments.

Please comment below with other resources that you're aware of or have used before.

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