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GO Month: Mental Clutter - B

Let's celebrate Get Organized (GO) Month by ridding ourselves of mental clutter from A to Z!

To celebrate Get Organized (GO) Month I'm doing a series of posts on the mental clutter that can be just as pervasive as physical clutter. For each letter, I'll talk about a mental stumbling block that often impacts our well-being.

Let's focus on B ... Blaming

Blaming is a form of harmful thinking in which we assign guilt or responsibility for how we feel to someone else - ie; He makes me feel bad about myself. This is can lead to negative emotional conditions whereby the person doing the blaming often feels resentment, anger, and hatred towards the person they're blaming.

Physical actions aren't involved with blaming, rather we blame others for how we feel, what we think, or our negative behaviors.

Ways to combat this thinking include;

  • don't tell others when we blame someone as the act of recounting the situation reinforces our negative emotions

  • own your emotions and understand that no one can make you feel anything but yourself

  • blaming often stems from past traumatic experiences which should be explored in therapy

"When you blame others, you give up your power to change."

Robert Anthony

Here's to freeing ourselves from the mental clutter of blaming!

Please share with someone who needs a clearer mindset.

featured image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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