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GO Month - "N" Donations

Let's celebrate Get Organized (GO) Month by donating items A-Z!

To celebrate Get Organized (GO) Month I'm doing a series of posts on items ranging from A-Z. For each letter, I'll provide a list of potential resources for what to do with your belongings if you're ready to donate or sell them.

We're at letter N.

N is for NAIL POLISH (and other cosmetics)

Project Beauty Share is an organization that collects personal hygiene, cosmetics, and beauty products that get distributed to organizations that serve women and families overcoming abuse, addiction, and homelessness.

If you're interested in selling your unloved and unused products, head to Glambot. They'll buy your used products, sanitize them, and sell them for you.

If you're interested in swapping your beauty or skincare products for something else, check out Reddit's community content platform that boasts a Makeup Exchange and Skincare Exchange.

If you're eco-conscious and want to focus on recycling your products, MAC has their BACK 2 MAC take-back program. TerraCycle also has its Personal Care and Beauty Recycling Program.

Please comment below with other resources that you're aware of or have used before.

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