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GO Month - "O" Donations

Let's celebrate Get Organized (GO) Month by donating items A-Z!

To celebrate Get Organized (GO) Month I'm doing a series of posts on items ranging from A-Z. For each letter, I'll provide a list of potential resources for what to do with your belongings if you're ready to donate or sell them.

Moving on to letter O.

O is for OLD FIXTURES (and building materials)

Done some updates to your home or have some leftover items from a house remodeling project? This one's for you!

Because you're not going to be mailing a light fixture, sinks, ceramic tiles, or extra windows, these are all local resources:

Habitat ReStores are your best option for parting with your old house fixtures and materials and there are sites all over Connecticut.

Habitat ReStore of Eastern CT

Habitat ReStore of Greater New Haven

Habitat ReStore of Coastal Fairfield County

Habitat ReStore of Middlesex County

Habitat ReStore of Hartford

Habitat Restore of Eastern Connecticut

Habitat ReStore of Housatonic Area

Please comment below with other resources that you're aware of or have used before.

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