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Hoarding Hi-5: Feb 2022

A round-up of useful information on hoarding disorder and chronic disorganization.

As my specialization is working with people who struggle with hoarding disorder and chronic disorganization, I decided to devote a monthly post to all things hoarding-related. Here are 5 things I'd like you to know this month.

As February is focused on love, there's a theme of marriage and relationships with this month's round-up.


A good article to help you assess if hoarding is damaging your relationship.


Here's a quick video put on by the International OCD Foundation featuring Dr. Gail Steketee on help for spouses of hoarding sufferers.


Here are some helpful tips for handling a hoarding spouse.


And on the theme of couples, here's a video clip on hoarding and its effect on a 31-year marriage.


Have to end with a bit of relationship humor...

Please share this Hoarding Hi-5 with someone you think could benefit.

Thank you!

featured image by C.M. Zijderveld from Pixabay

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