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Hoarding Hi-5: Mar 2022

A round-up of useful information on hoarding disorder and chronic disorganization.

As my specialization is working with people who struggle with hoarding disorder and chronic disorganization, I decided to devote a monthly post to all things hoarding-related. Here are 5 things I'd like you to know this month.


Talking about books and hoarding in this article.


And speaking of books, this one is written by a Certified Professional Organizer -- I'm Right Here: 10 Ways to Get Help for Hoarding and Chronic Disorganization by Jill Yesko.


Here's a gallery of 23 pictures of extreme hoarding.


Help for people who hoard photos.


And here's one for "digital hoarders:"

One more thing...

Here's another plug for the online workshop I'll be putting on next month:

Please share this Hoarding Hi-5 with someone you think could benefit.

Thank you!

featured image by C.M. Zijderveld from Pixabay

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