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Hoarding Hi-5: Oct 2021

A round-up of useful information on hoarding disorder.

As my specialization is working with people who struggle with hoarding disorder and chronic disorganization, I decided to devote a monthly post to all things hoarding-related. Here are 5 things I'd like you to know this month.


This article: Compulsive Hoarding and the Role of Mindfulness Skills caught my attention.


These 7 decluttering tips for people who hoard are extremely useful.


People who hoard tend to be more prone to anthropomorphism.


If you're sentimental about your stuff, this book is for you.


Good stuff means different things to different people... LOL!

Please share this Hoarding Hi-5 with someone you think could benefit.

Thank you!

featured image by C.M. Zijderveld from Pixabay

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