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How To Choose a Focus Word for the New Year

Helpful tips for choosing one word to guide your focus in the new year.

It's that time of year when most of us evaluate our lives and begin to make plans for the new year. Last year I chose a focus word which acted as my theme for the year and helped me be more intentional in my daily life and activities. I found that focusing on that one word brought clarity to my decision making and acted as a guide for which to center on.

In 2016 my word was "STRETCH." I focused on stretching outside my comfort zone to grow my business and forced myself to say yes in situations I'd normally shy away from. Just to recap last year:

  • I took on the role of Vice President within CT's Chapter of Professional Organizers

  • I appeared on TV for a live organizing segment 

  • I started a monthly business newsletter 

  • I did mommy and me swimming lessons with my son (I hate the water) 

  • I redecorated some rooms in my home (I have no design training)

For 2017 I have chosen the word "BLEND." My aim for this year is to better mesh my roles of Professional Organizer and Social Worker in my business. I also want to focus more on blending my home and work responsibilities. With my son being 4, I can't get this time back with him and I want to come up with better ways to blend my personal and professional responsibilities to make the most of my time with him before he heads off to Kindergarten. 

If you want to choose a focus word for the year, I suggest these steps:

1. Evaluate Where do you see yourself at the end of 2017 and what will help you get there?

2. Explore Do some soul searching and think of a word that will sum up your hopes and dreams for the next 12-months.

3. Write Write it down! Record the word and display it in a prominent spot where you'll be reminded of your intentions daily.

4. Execute As you make decisions throughout the days, weeks and months ahead act in a manner to implement the word into your life.

Feel free to share your word in the comments!

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