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How To Declutter the Energy in Your Environment

A special guest blogger and energy healer helps us declutter our metaphysical space.

The following is a guest post by my colleague, Laura West.  Laura is a  Japanese Reiki master teacher and practitioner and the owner of Divine Lotus Healing, LLC of Cambridge, MA.

Clutter can come in many forms. Sarah, as a trained Professional Organizer, understands that clutter can take the shape of material objects and she expertly helps people to physically go through their items to clear the clutter away. Today she has invited me to talk about another form of clutter that can manifest in a person’s life: energy clutter, or, stuck energy. 

As an energy practitioner, I help people declutter the stuck energy in their lives. Stuck energy can take up space in an energy field, as is the case when I work with people treating them with Reiki, a hands-on energy healing system. Stuck energy can also take up too much space in a physical location, as is understood with the practice of feng shui. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines feng shui as, “a Chinese system for positioning a building and the objects within a building in a way that is thought to agree with spiritual forces and to bring health and happiness.”

Most often, people cannot change the position of the building they inhabit, such as a home or workplace. However, they can change the energy inside the building. How can the energy of a space be changed, you might be wondering? Before we answer that question, we must first take a look at how energy can become stuck inside a physical space to begin.

How Energy Can Become Stuck:

Physical clutter

Too many physical items in a room can clog the pathways for energy to travel. The energy in a room becomes stagnant. Uncluttered surfaces and pathways help energy to move freely throughout a room.


Dirt attracts a stuck, heavy, weighed down energy presence. Clean rooms have a fresh, uplifted energetic feeling to them.

Intense emotions

After an argument, the energy imprint that is left behind can feel, dull, depressed, heavy and/or sad.

Unused space

Rooms have to be used for energy to flow. If there is a room that nobody enters or uses on a regular basis, the energy can become stale and unmoving.

Poorly positioned furniture

If furniture is blocking entranceways, jutting out into the middle of the room or cutting off space, it creates an unbalanced energy flow. This can cause energy to pool up in a corner, or become depleted in another part of the room entirely. 

Broken items

Broken items bring energetic chaos. Broken items send the message that the space doesn’t matter. This becomes the breeding ground for disharmonious energy.

Now that we have explored some of the ways energy can become stuck or stagnant in a space, let’s take a look at how we can clean a space energetically to help keep it fresh and vibrant all the time. 

How to Clear Stuck Energy:


By using a smudge stick or smudge spray, the energy in a room becomes purified and cleaned. The feeling is uplifted, fresh and squeaky clean. I use smudge spray after each client session in my office. This ensures that each new client has a fresh, vibrant energy space to walk into for their session! If you’d like to learn how to smudge a space, you can read this article here:


Using chants, drumming or chimes helps to clear stuck energy from a space. Once in an old apartment of mine, we very rarely opened the front door. We parked our cars in a long driveway that was closer to the back door so we used that as our main entrance to the home. As a result, the front door energy was at risk of becoming stuck. So, we bought a little magnetic chime to hang on the metal door frame. When the wind blew through the window, the sound of the chimes helped to decrease the stagnant energy that pooled up in the front door. 

Open windows and doors

This allows energy to flow with the natural breeze and dissipate. Think about smoke rising from a chimney. By opening a window or door, even in cold weather for a few minutes, it helps to clear old or unwanted energy from a room.

Reposition furniture

Furniture should be balanced as much as possible. Entrance ways and windows should not be blocked. Large pieces should be placed against walls, such as an armoire or long couch. If furniture is placed in the middle of the room, it should be placed in a configuration that allows energy to flow around and through it in a circular or curved pattern, such as with a cozy chair setting around a coffee table.

When my family was house hunting, we toured a home with an L-shaped desk that stuck out into the middle of the room. Nobody could walk around it and there was no way to put anything else in the room. It left me with an energy vibration of feeling trapped. As it turns out, we bought that home and the first thing we did, even before we moved our furniture in, was to smudge away the old energy in each of the rooms!


A physically clean room has a fresh, uplifted, sanitary vibration. Surfaces should be dusted and cleaned. Floors should be swept and or vacuumed. Stains should be removed. Torn fabric should be mended or replaced.


A bagua is a Chinese symbol frequently used in feng shui to deflect unwanted energy away from a space. It is typically made from painted wood or tile and hung on the outside of the home, facing in the direction of the incoming unwanted energy. This is a helpful item to use if there are loud, noisy or unpleasant neighbors casting energy out from their space. The bagua blocks the unwelcome energy from entering your dwelling altogether.


Clear quartz crystals help to transmute heavy, stuck energy into clear and uplifted energy. They can be placed anywhere; in a windowsill, on a desk or shelf, on a nightstand, etc. They can take the shape of single quartz piece, quartz rod (single or double termination, meaning pointed at the end/s) or quartz cluster. Just be mindful of not having too many in a room so as not to create clutter! And, be sure to clean them every once in a while. If you’d like to learn how to cleanse crystals, you can read this article here:

Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers have a living energy that casts a wide presence in a room. This is helpful for keeping the energy flow of a room moving. Be mindful of not keeping too many plants in one room, again – it can become cluttered! And certainly, remove any dead, dried or dying plant and flower material from a space immediately so it doesn’t energetically weigh a room down. If you have dried plant or flower arrangements, in the practice of feng shui, it is advised that you replace them with the faux kind.

By employing one, several, or all of the steps outlined above on a regular basis, you are sure to have an energetically uplifted, positive, fresh feeling space that is free from energetic clutter!

Laura West is a Japanese Reiki master teacher and practitioner, herbalist, spiritual counselor and professional medium channel.

She helps people discover their innate wisdom and healing capacity through her work. You can visit her website to learn more.

A big thank you to Laura for her contribution this week! I appreciate her sharing her wisdom with us.

How will you release the stuck energy from your space?

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