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My 12 Best Organizing Gifts for 2020

I've got you covered for the perfect organizing gift this year!

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Each November I do a round-up of neat organizing products that would be perfect for holiday gifts. This year I decided to do it earlier than usual as you've probably noticed that there are longer delivery times due to the pandemic.

Here's hoping you can find a gift to bring organization to you or your loved ones this holiday season...

1. Battery Organizer

Do you have a lot of holiday decorations that require batteries? Are you a family with kids that needs batteries for a ton of toys? Do you just like to be prepared for the next storm? This battery organizer case is for you! It holds 180 batteries of different sizes, comes in various colors, and has a battery tester that doesn't require a battery.

2. Computer Monitor Stand

Working from home has become our new normal, but is your home office up to snuff? This monitor stand riser has tons of storage for everything from your cell phone to your coffee cup.

3. Tile Sticker

This is a Bluetooth tracker device. The Tile company has come out with its smallest tracker yet which can stick on things such as remotes, cameras, bikes, and more. They're waterproof and have a 3-year battery life.

4. Divider Sticky Notes

On the theme of things that stick, check out these tabbed sticky notes. They're 4"X6" multi-colored, ruled note tabs that are repositionable. Leave a note while you index! These would make a fun stocking stuffer.

5. Storage Box with Mirrored Lid

The Saxborga storage box by Ikea has a simple exterior but lots of extras inside. There are 2 inserts, subcompartments, and a mirrored lid.

6. 2021 Planner

The Good Housekeeping Planner can keep you on track for the new year. It provides you daily inspiration to help you simplify and organize using motivational quotes, checklists, and tips and tricks.

7. Magnetic Organizing Rack

This is a great solution for tight spaces as you can see here used in a laundry room. It's got one big pocket at the top and four below and snaps on to any metal surface.

8. Cord Buddy

This is a charger cord holder that keeps your wires off the floor. Use on a desk, dresser, or countertop and even manage to find your devices at night with a motion sensor night light.

9. Portable Car Tray

This car tray organizer is great as so many of us are forgoing air travel this holiday season. This versatile passenger seat organizer provides a flat surface for transporting items or eating a quick meal in the backseat and is a handy organizer for all your small stuff (keys, wallet, phone). It even has built-in hooks if you don't want things on the floor.

10. Face Mask Lanyard

This stylish necklace made by Chico's is perfect for keeping your face covering within easy reach. The pearls make this lanyard stylish and it can be worn as a simple necklace when you take the mask off. They also make a faux tortoiseshell and a mixed metal style.

11. Underbed Organizer

These are some stylish underbed bins from the Better Homes & Garden line at Walmart. They're made of fabric, but have a sturdy frame and are reinforced with metal handles. The bonus feature is that it's on wheels! And don't forget the see-through cover!

12. Self-Discipline Book

We all know that getting and staying organized starts with creating habits. This book can help get you there. The 5-Minute Self-Discipline Exercises: Stay Motivated, Cultivate Good Habits, and Achieve Your Goals by Dr. Christine Li is a must-read. It includes bite-sized daily exercises to establish self-discipline and develop productive habits. You can afford 5-minutes a day!

Well, there you have it, a dozen fun organizing gifts to help with holiday shopping this year!

And here are my gift lists from previous years... 2019 / 2017 / 2016 / 2015

Is your shopping done yet? Let me know in the comments!

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