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My Awkward Moments as a Professional Organizer

We all love a good blooper so here are some of mine!

We all love a good blooper reel, watching America's Funniest Home Videos, or seeing a Pinterest fail, right?! Well I was inspired by learning that the 18th of this month is known as National Awkward Day so I thought I'd share with you a few embarrassing moments I've had in my work with clients.

Don't judge, okay?!?

1. Butt measurement

One of my very first clients had a sweet child who I often worked with on their bedroom. Well one day while working I found a long lost bag of school supplies that the child was thrilled to find. So thrilled in fact he started using them right away and while I was bending over in his closet he proceeded to measure my rear end, declaring, "Miss Sarah your butt is 10 inches long!" I guess having a 10-in behind is something to be proud of! I promptly told his mother about the incident before the session ended so she'd understand if the child was talking about the size of my fanny after I left!

2. Big boobs & tiny waist

A few years ago I was lucky enough to be featured on a major CT news station for an organizing segment. Afterwards in a subsequent blog post I highlighted the experience and included the clip for viewing. A few days later I had a work session with my client who watched the segment and the first words out of her mouth were, "Saw you on the news and I was surprised to see you're skinnier than {anchor woman}, but wow does she have big boobs!" Clearly, the organizing content was missed! Yep, a bit awkward, but the client and I laughed about this for weeks after. You can watch the clip HERE if interested.

3. Work bag woes

I'm always trying to hone my organizing systems and a year or two in to starting my business I had the idea to change up the work bag I brought on site to sessions with clients. I had been using a sturdy tote bag, but decided to start using a rolling suitcase. Well wheeling up to one of my regular client's front doors with the bag I was met with, "Ew, what is THAT?! You look like a flight attendant!" I forget that people often don't like change and when I build relationships with folks they expect consistency and trust. Lesson learned that next time I'll warn people if I'm going to change up my work uniform/gear!

4. Flatulence

We all know that everybody farts, but somehow when you're working in a client's home in close quarters you get a little embarrassed by this and I did! It was one of those yoga type situations (you know in yoga class when you're holding oddball positions that your body just squeaks one out), well while contorting my body to fit in and around this client's crawl space this exact thing happened. And I did what anyone else would have done... totally blamed it on the squeaky floorboards! LOL! Maybe next time I'll 'fess up, but consider this my coming clean.

5. Fresh bag

My husband often likes to tease me that I can be "so blonde" as in a bit clueless from time to time. Here's a classic example. I'm working with a client in the bedroom. We're decluttering her closet and I'm taking things out for her to go through and make decisions on. I pass her a plastic shopping bag to which she responds, "Oh, that's our fresh bag, so I'll just tie this up so you don't have to look in there." To which I respond "What's a fresh bag?" Not putting two and two together that we're in a bedroom that she shares with her partner and it's a bag stuffed in the closet with items she doesn't want me to see. Yeah, that kind of fresh. #facepalm

I thought I'd share this vulnerable post with you so that the next time you feel awkward having someone like me come into your house to go through your closets, dresser drawers and filing cabinets, know that I can be just as awkward! We're only human, right?!

Care to share an awkward moment with me in the comments? You don't have to share anything that involves boobs, butts, or farts if you don't want it too!

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