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A Complete Guide to Mental Decluttering from A to Z

Start your year off right by tackling your mental clutter!

If you've been following along this January AKA Get Organized (GO) Month, I have comprised a list of mental stumbling blocks from A to Z that we need to declutter from our minds. After all, mental clutter can be just as problematic as physical clutter!

Here is the complete list:

A - All-or-Nothing Thinking

B - Blaming

C - Catastrophizing

D - Discounting the Positive

E - Expectations

F - Fear of Making Mistakes

G - Guilt

H - Hassle

I - Intentions

J - Jumping to Conclusions

K - Knackered

L - Labels

M - Motivation

N - Nervousness

O - Overgeneralization

P - Priorities

Q - Qualms

R - Rigidity

S - Shoulds

T - Toxic Thoughts

U - Undervaluing Yourself

V - Venting

W - Wishful Thinking

X - X-pert Thinking

Y - Yakety-Yak

Z - Zingers

Thank you for making it with me to the end!!

Here's to freeing ourselves from our mental clutter!

Please share with someone who needs a clearer mindset.

featured image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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