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My Favorite Stocking Stuffer Picks

A list of my stocking stuffer picks for 2018 to give the gift of organization.

Over the last few years, I've written posts about suggestions for holiday gift giving. You can read them HERE, HERE and HERE. This year is no different and I decided to focus on the small items that would be perfect for stocking stuffers! Here goes:

1. Water Bottle with Storage

So many of us carry water bottles with us everywhere we go, why not make yours work harder? This insulated water bottle has a built-in compartment at the bottom to store keys, snacks, money, medicine, you name it.

2. Water Based Paint Pens

These paint pens can write on paper, glass, metal, wood, plastic, vinyl, rubber, stone, concrete, leather, canvas and fabric. Basically, these are all you'll need to label ANYTHING your heart desires!

3. Reusable Sandwich Bags

We're supposed to be forgoing straws to save the turtles, right? Well, what about other plastics we can do away with? Try these reusable sandwich and snack bags instead of the plastic varieties. They come in many colors and patterns and are dishwasher safe.

4. Pencil Cup with Photo Display

This is a fun and functional way to display photos or store office supplies. You could even use it as a vase! It can hold 4"x6" or 5"x7" photos.

5. Command Hooks

I couldn't do a round-up without including Command Hooks. They've gotten quite trendy with brass and copper finishes to fit any decor. They're perfect for belts, scarves, keys, party decorations or small decor items and can hold up to 5lbs.

6. Toiletry Bag

This cosmetics bag is from the Hearth and Hand line by Joanna Gaines and we all know she has a great eye for style! This bag is 8"x4" and has a roomy compartment with inner mesh pocket.

7. Motivate Essential Oil

During the holiday season, we could all use a little something to give us a boost of motivation and this essential oil, is it! It's a nice blend of mint and citrus and will promote feelings of confidence and courage. Clutter be gone! To-do list be done!

8. Faux Leather Journal

Staples has a whole line of faux leather journals with inspirational messages. These are perfect as we head into a new year to give us hope and help with motivation!

9. Light Switch Labels

Always forgetting which light switch goes to what? Or have an elderly person who gets confused easily? These switch plate labels are the perfect solution. The various stickers indicate if it's an outside light, ceiling fan, stairwell light, outlet, closet, etc.

10. Hourglass

This fun, decorative hourglass is a mere 6" tall, but it can help you stay on task! It's made of glass with mini gold beads that cascade through for just under 2-minutes. Great for getting those short and sweet to-do's done!

Which item will you be adding to your holiday shopping list?

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