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My Top Ten Picks for Holiday Gifts

Give the gift of organization this holiday season with these must-haves under $60!

1. Darice Jewelry Display Stand

This stand is so versatile. Rather than digging through a jumbled jewelry box, or untangling knotted chains, put your bling and baubles on display. Also great for sunglasses, watches, and keys.

2. Oxo Electronics Cleaning Brush

What a great little stocking stuffer! This is a dual-head tool with a retractable brush on one end and a silicone wiper on the other. Clean everything from keys, screen edges, ports, and earbud cases. Tuck it into your purse, laptop bag, or the pen cup on your desk.

3. Owl Water Hyacinth Basket

Whoo needs a new basket? You do! This fun owl basket is a generous size at 16in high with a 17in diameter. Store blankets, pillows, newspapers, books, toys, etc. Fun for a playroom or add a bit of whimsy to your family room. Toss in a pretty poinsettia to give it as a gift!

4. Storage Combination on Casters

A handy cart on wheels. Perfect for storage, moving, or separating the boxes and using it as a coffee table. It's made of birch plywood and you can easily paint it to match your decor.

5. Poly 3-Divider Travel Folder

Love these handy multipurpose folders. Perfect for travel! Keep your itinerary tucked inside and add your plane tickets to the outer pocket. Or use for presentations and trade shows by keeping documents, business cards and name badges handy. These are tear and water-resistant.

6. Essential Oil Diffuser Case

More and more I'm seeing people ditching candles in favor of diffusing essential oils. Not only that, but people are discovering the many health benefits of using oils via diffusing, ingesting and applying topically. (I did a blog post on that HERE.) This is a neat carrying case that can hold your diffuser and has pockets for up to 8 oils.

7. Outer Order Inner Calm Book

This book came out in the spring by New York Times Bestselling author, Gretchen Rubin. It's a short read with a fun collection of ideas to reduce clutter. Her strategies are straightforward and easy to implement. Click HERE for a post about more book picks.

8. Clear Cabinet Packet Organizer

These acrylic bins are so versatile. This one has a sloped design and divided sections which make it ideal for deep cabinets. It can hold spice and tuna packets in the kitchen, greeting cards in the office or feminine products and toiletries under the sink.

9. Customized Labels

This company has label sets for practically every room in your house. They come in an array of fonts and styles to choose from. Each pack includes blank labels for you to customize your space. I started following this company's Instagram account and love seeing their organized eye candy!

10. Heavy Duty Garage Hooks

We may not be ending on a glamorous note with these, but who couldn't use more organization in their garage, basement or shed?! This set of hooks comes in a 6 pack with 3 sizes. They are powder-coated, rust-resistant and can hold at least 25lbs or more.

Which of my picks will you be buying for yourself or a loved one?!

Happy Shopping!

And if you'd like to see my picks from year's past you can do so HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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