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Sync it Up with Sarah: Dec 2021

A monthly sampler of what's in my head that I want to share with YOU!

Think it!

A little something to ponder this holiday season. Might it be time to explore your mental clutter?

Wink it!

Giving a huge wink and a nod to My Zero Waster Plastic Free 2022 Journal and Panner

Link it!

The Center for Biological Diversity has a wonderful program called Simplifying the Holidays that you need to check out!

Ink it!

In case you need help surviving through to the new year...

Shrink it!

Shrink the clutter in your home by getting rid of these 6 things for December:

  1. All the 2021 calendars and planners

  2. Expired cleaning items

  3. Anything in your car trunk that doesn't normally live there

  4. 5 knick-knacks that are just collecting dust

  5. Scraps of wrapping paper that don't wrap anything

  6. What's under your couch cushions

Hope you are feeling more synched up with me this month!

What's on your December to-do list?

featured image by Gerd Attman from Pixabay

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