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Sync it Up with Sarah: Jul 2021

A monthly sampler of what's in my head that I want to share with YOU!

Think it!

Check out this new podcast hosted by Mayim Bialik (Amy Farrah Fowler/Blossom) that talks about all things mental health. She'll get you thinking about everything from anxiety to sobriety to PTSD to mindfulness.

Wink it!

Need to maximize every square inch of a closet or pantry? Add some of these under-shelf drawers. Any product that finds you extra storage space gets a definite wink!

Link it!

Can you park your car in the garage? This article, The Domestic Garage, talks about one man's relationship with garages throughout the years.

Blink it!

Speaking of garages here's a before your eyes clean sweep!

Ink it!

I'm on a roll with garages this month! This is one of mine from the archives.

10 Cheap Garage Storage Ideas

Shrink it!

Shrink the clutter in your home by getting rid of these 6 things for July:

  1. Balls and pool inflatables with un-mendable punctures

  2. Ratty shower mats

  3. Excess baking sheets/pans

  4. Dead house plants

  5. Light bulbs that don't fit any light fixtures

  6. Tea/coffee in flavors you don't like

Hope you are feeling more synched up with me this month!

What's on your July to-do list?

featured image by Gerd Attman from Pixabay

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