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Sync it Up with Sarah: June 2021

A monthly sampler of what's in my head that I want to share with YOU!

Think it!

Love this quote from Myquillyn Smith, author of a favorite book of mine Cozy Minimalist Home.

Wink it!

I'm giving all the pile lovers a wink this month! This one's for you if you're a piler instead of a filer when it comes to paper.

Link it!

Courtney Carver is one of my favorite bloggers and minimalists and she knows the struggle is real.

Blink it!

I joke with my clients referring to bins and boxes as "crap traps." Often we think we're organizing when we just stash stuff in a container. This client blinked and this whole pile was gone within 30mins when we placed it on his curb!

Ink it!

This post of mine is trending from the archives:

20 Affirmations for Overcoming Challenges

Shrink it!

Shrink the clutter in your home by getting rid of these 6 things for June:

  1. Your Spam email folder content

  2. Glasses or contacts that are the wrong prescription

  3. Logo t-shirts you won't wear

  4. Educational notes from prior qualifications

  5. TV programs that take up too much of your time

  6. Your Facebook Friend list (are they really still your friends?)

I hope you are feeling more synched up with me this month!

What's on your June to-do list?

featured image by Gerd Attman from Pixabay

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