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Sync it Up with Sarah: Mar 2021

A sampler of what's in my head that I want to share with YOU!

image by Gerd Attman from Pixabay

Think it!

Here's a message to mull over... so true amirite?!

Wink it!

Giving a definite wink and a smile to this fun stuffed animal storage beanbag chair! Stuff this extra size bean bag with all those stuffed animals and blankies cluttering the room.

Link it!

Love this article from Apartment Therapy on messy rooms during the pandemic:

This is the Messiest Room in the House, According to One Survey

Blink it!

Blink and... Boom! Thinking green for St. Patty's Day with this pared-down hutch.

We purged or found homes for all the paper clutter so china pieces could take center stage. And check out that open space for room to grow or as I like to say... breathing room.

Ink it!

A blog post of mine from the archives that people are digging right now:

Never is Not An Option

Shrink it!

Shrink the clutter in your home by getting rid of these 6 things for March:

  1. The same shirt in different colors as you always wear the black one (or fill in your color)

  2. Exercise equipment (if you haven't used it yet, you may need to find another way to reach your 2021 get fit resolution)

  3. Outdated items from an old hobby

  4. Beat up handbags or wallets

  5. Books you'll never read or have read already

  6. Expired coupons and flyers

Hope you are feeling more synched up with me this month!

What's on your March to-do list?

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