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Sync it Up with Sarah: Oct 2021

A monthly sampler of what's in my head that I want to share with YOU!

Think it!

I've been a long-time follower of Gretchen Rubin and love her quips and quotes:

Wink it!

These stackable wine holders for your fridge are great! They can hold any round beverage container - water, soda, juice - not just wine.

Link it!

A wonderful article from minimalist, Courtney Carver, on getting back to basics with your decluttering.

Blink it!

Thinking ahead to the holidays? Blink and they'll be here before you know it! Check out these dining room china cabinets that got pared down and prettied up for my clients.

Ink it!

One of my favorites from the archives. Perfect for this time of year!

Shrink it!

Shrink the clutter in your home by getting rid of these 6 things for October:

  1. Keyrings you don't want or need

  2. Old business cards from past jobs you no longer hold

  3. Shoe polish that's dried out or in colors you don't have shoes in

  4. Rusty baking pans

  5. Anything in the glove box of your car that shouldn't be there

  6. Old perfume/cologne past its prime

Hope you are feeling more synched up with me this month!

What's on your October to-do list?

featured image by Gerd Attman from Pixabay

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