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The Best Things to do With Kids' Artwork

Three great ideas to preserve and cherish children's art projects.

School is officially out for the summer! But are you left with a stack of artwork - doodles, paintings, collages, and unique one of a kind creations?!

Most parents (and kids) have a hard time parting with these masterpieces. I get it.

To help you tackle that stack before the projects from camp start rolling in, I've rounded up some neat ideas to preserve and cherish them.

Have a personalized keepsake book created.

Here are three resources that will send you a box to fill with your children's pieces. You send it back to them and they create a beautiful keepsake book for you that they'll mail right to your doorstep.


Plum Print

Jimmy Half Penny

Make a DIY photo book.

If you're more a do-it-yourself person, I'd suggest these options. The following companies will create personalized photo books as well but you do the work photographing and scanning your child's works of art into their program. From there you have creative freedom to design the book, write up captions, customize the layout, etc.




Make custom gifts from your kids' art

These companies will turn your child's artwork into everything from pillowcases, tote bags, dresses, plates, cell phone cases, umbrellas, aprons, hats, backpacks, posters, candy tins, mugs, etc. It's never to early to think about holiday gifts!

Nanos Arte

Kids Artify

Scribble Magic Lab

How do you preserve your children's artwork?

And what's the best masterpiece you've ever been given?

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