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The Candy Corn - Clutter Connection

How clutter and candy corn add little value to our lives.

The day before Halloween is known as National Candy Corn Day.  Let's be honest, the majority of Americans loathe this waxy tasting, traffic cone-looking candy.  The hatred of this sweet can be related to the loathing most people feel towards clearing their clutter. 

Here are some similarities I've drawn:

The staleness issue If you've ever opened a bag of candy corn and not devoured it within a day, you know it goes stale quickly. Then it just sits in a candy dish congealing into a gelatinous mound that no one will eat.  The same can be said for our clutter; it gets old quickly and piles up fast.  And once it reaches that stagnant point, no one wants to deal with it.

The bad taste in your mouth Candy corn is made up of sugar, corn syrup, carnauba wax and artificial coloring; clearly, there is no nutritional value.  And the fact that they try to improve upon it by making various flavors including chocolate and caramel apple, does little to mask the bad taste.  Clutter essentially adds no value to our lives and trying to camouflage it using bins and pretty baskets only makes for a more attractive form of clutter.

The decay potential They say candy corn has more potential to cause tooth decay than chocolate-based treats.  For such a small kernel of sweetness, it can have a big negative impact on your teeth.  The same can be said for clutter - it negatively affects our overall functioning and health.  Clutter costs us time, money and energy ultimately rotting our motivation and productivity.

The repeat factor You think once Halloween is over that candy corn disappears, but it doesn't!  They make red and green "Reindeer Corn," pink and red "Cupid Corn," yellow and pink "Bunny Corn" and red, white and blue "Patriotic Corn."  Much like our clutter, folks realize they just can't handle it once and be done with it.  Trying to keep up with our stuff takes ongoing maintenance at least seasonally.

What have we learned from these similarities?  Both candy corn and clutter get old quickly, add no value to our lives, rot our bodies and aren't easy to get rid of!  So what does one do? 

Call me! 

I actually don't mind candy corn and have a fabulous cookie bar recipe I use them for and I can clear that clutter for you.  Trust me, no house is too spooky!

So, where do you stand on the candy corn issue: love it or hate it?

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