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Uncluttered Bedrooms Mean More Romance

Helpful ways to get your boudoir in shape for more romance!

Did you know it's Romance Awareness Month? When one thinks of romance, usually it's in the context of the bedroom. But is your boudoir ready for romance? If it's cluttered, that's an instant turn-off. Allow me to give you some tips to get that bedroom in the mood.  

1.  Clear the floor

I mean you should be able to get to the bed, right?! If there are shoes and clothes cluttering the floor space, it doesn't make for an inviting room. Invest in under the bed storage containers to corral extra shoes and an open top hamper to make throwing in your clothes that much easier.  

2.  Tidy the dresser top.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a place to light a candle to provide some ambience? How can you do that if there isn't a clear surface to put anything down on? Use a tray to gather up the loose change, receipts and glasses. Add a jewelry box or some baskets to store watches, earrings, scarves, etc.  

3.  Simplify the night stands

A glass of wine is always a relaxing touch, but where do you put it if your nightstand is a disaster? Ideally nightstands should have a shelf or drawer underneath to be able to store things like medicines, lip balm, lotions, books and reading glasses. Try to simplify the top of your nightstand with just your alarm clock, a picture or your current read.    

4.  Unclutter the walls.

Setting the stage for a serene scene can be difficult when you have visual noise. A gallery wall of your kids staring at you or the blown up shot from your last family reunion with 30 eyes watching is a buzz kill. Ditto for the dozen pictures of your child's artwork or a calendar reminding you of your next doctor's appointment. Bedroom decor should be subtle, easy on the eyes, and minimal.

5.  Weed out the work.

Focusing on your partner can be difficult when you have your computer and cell phone pinging away reminders of work and other obligations. It's so important to be able to unplug to feel recharged and refreshed. Having a work space in your sleep space is not ideal, but if it's the only spot in the house, at least set up some parameters. Try investing in a computer armoire that you can close up when not in use or put up a folding screen or curtain to hide your desk. Minimally put your electronics in a drawer so the lit screens aren't draining your mojo.  

Here's to making our bedrooms romantic, relaxing and rejuvenating!  Feel free to check out my Pinterest boards for additional ways to make this space more organized and inviting.

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