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What is Virtual Organizing?

Is Virtual Organizing right for you?

What does your new normal look like as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic?

My son has been out of school for 3-weeks now, but it feels more like 3-months! My husband and I have had to adjust our work schedules to be able to allow for each of us to fulfill our work obligations while homeschooling our son, and providing constant reminders to our parents to stay home!! Getting birdseed does not count as an essential shopping trip, Dad!

I realize that my husband and I are lucky enough to still be able to work as we have the capability to use remote means to fulfill our job responsibilities. If you remember, I also have an agency job where I provide counseling services to youth and families.

With that being said, I'm also able to work remotely within my professional organizing business. For those of you who aren't aware, there's such a thing as Virtual Organizing (VO) and it might be for YOU!

What is VO?

Virtual Organizing is a method of organizing through electronic means which helps bridge the gap between distance, service, and budget.

How does VO work?

Sarah uses the platform to be able to meet with her clients virtually. She can see and hear her clients via laptop, tablet or cell phone. Unlike Skype or FaceTime, is a form of telemedicine and is HIPAA compliant. Some insurance carriers do cover telehealth sessions so Sarah can provide invoices for you to submit to your insurance company.

Virtual sessions are typically 1hr as opposed to 2hr in-person organizing sessions and cost less. As Sarah has an on-line merchant account through Square, she can manually type in credit cards without having to physically swipe them so payment is easy and secure.

This is what a VO appointment would look like. I'm conducting a session with myself!

Could VO work for me?

Virtual Organizing work is great for people who

  • Have the ability to work with technology and use a reliable internet source

  • Prefer shorter sessions

  • Need an accountability buddy to start/follow-through on tasks

  • Benefit from coaching, advice, and encouragement

  • Have mild to moderate levels of clutter (no severe hoarding conditions)

  • Are motivated and able to do the physical work of decluttering and organizing on their own

Whether you're an existing client or someone new wanting to start services, reach out to me to see if VO is right for you. I hope to "see" you soon!

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