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Why I love being a Social Worker and a Professional Organizer

My two passions and how they're connected.

I often get asked why I chose to be a Professional Organizer and "clean houses" when I have a Masters degree and State licence in Social Work. The answer is simple - working with people and their clutter is doing social work! And no, it's not about doing floors and windows!

I thought writing this post was appropriate this month given that it is National Social Work Month. To illustrate my point about the connection between mental health and clutter I've rounded up 10 quotes to prove this link:

Many of my clients struggle with hoarding disorder and there's a great deal of secrecy and shame surrounding this diagnosis as well as inviting people into their homes.

I like to think of the work I do with people as helping them be able to manage their mental health dial. Through helping them tackle the clutter in their home I'm helping them better tackle the clutter in their head.

I truly believe this quote! Whatever clutter represents to you, I want to help you be your best self!

There's a saying that outer order contributes to inner calm and I feel that when your physical surroundings are uncluttered it helps you to better focus on what's going on in your metaphysical state.

When we release the physical possessions that we no longer need and the unhelpful thoughts that no longer serve us, we become truly free and happy. The counseling I provide is the vehicle to do just that.

By having less on our to-do lists, less on on our calendar, and less in our homes it paves the way for less stress and anxiety. I love helping the people I work with embrace the less is more philosophy!

Clear counter tops means improved relationships! It really does! When the things in our life aren't competing for our attention we can truly focus on the people in our life that matter.

We get so focused on our physical health (and whitening our teeth!) that we forget to take care of our mental health. I love being a health care professional that gets to focus on the heart and mind (and the heart of the home!).

Self-care is something I think we all need to work on. In my unique role of helping to declutter heads and homes I am lucky to be able to give people relief and rest in this regard.

In my job I get to help people breath a little easier. I get to bring peace and joy into their lives by turning their home into a sanctuary. And that is truly a gift I love giving!

Happy National Social Work Month to me! I am blessed to be doing this work and I am thankful to my clients who allow me into their homes and lives.

I hope this post better helps you see the connection between my two roles.

Do you believe that clutter impacts mental health and functioning?

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