De-cluttering & Organizing

This process involves working with the client to sort, categorize, dispose of and find homes for possessions. The focus is on decision-making and reducing clutter. Sarah remains judgment-free and encouraging throughout the process. Virtual sessions are also an option.

Therapeutic Approach

For clients who have mental health needs, Sarah will tailor sessions using a therapeutic lens. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI) techniques can be

implemented. The focus is on building coping skills and improving functioning. Sarah can work in tandem with a client's already existing mental health provider as she is not paneled with insurance companies.

Workshops & Presentations

Customized workshops and presentations (in-person & virtual) can be facilitated for local agencies, community groups, and general population settings. The content covered is tailored to the specific request and population. Fees vary by topic/venue.

For information on rates, please visit the FAQ Page.

Virtual Organizing sessions are an option too!